The next generation of soles

We create outsoles, midsoles and insoles for the next generation footwear. Always custom to your needs with innovation in mind.

For grip and stabilization

A flexible and transparent supply chain for sole production

We work with the best suppliers from last, molds, chemical compounds and sole producers with full control in every part of the process.

Raw Material

There are many factors to consider when choosing which raw material such such as environmental impact and the desired performance of the shoes.

Chemical Compounds

Raw materials get purchased by chemical companies to refine and developed specific chemical compounds for outsoles.

Last Development

The last gives a shoe its shape and plays a big part in the overall comfort and look of the final product.


Creating the tooling for an outsole is the most time and cost consuming process of shoe manufacturing.

Sole producer

Tooling gets delivered together with the chemical compounds to the sole producer where the final outsole is made.

Our Expertise

From idea to finished product.


Visualizing your ideas

Material Knowledge

Picking just the right mix

Orthopedic Comfort

Comfort is king

Product Development

We compete with the best

The latest from the lab


An introduction to PEBAX

Discover PEBAX®, the revolutionary material taking sportswear to new heights. Known for its unmatched flexibility, strength, and energy return, PEBAX® is being hailed as "technological doping" in sports. Innovation Soles, in collaboration with our manufacturing partners, is thrilled to offer this game-changing material, promising enhanced agility, safety, and comfort in footwear.

Digital Mold Printing: The future of outsole produciton

Dive into the revolutionary world of digital mold printing in shoe manufacturing. This cutting-edge technique simplifies processes, offers unparalleled precision, and promotes sustainability with reduced power and water consumption. Through collaborations with advanced factories, discover how footwear is being redefined for the modern age.

Footwear construction methods

An in depth guide to the different construction methods for footwear.

A flexible partner in footwear production

We are a team of designers, product developers and entreprenurs who share the same passion for footwear and the next big thing. Collaboration and getting projects from the drawing board to the shelves.

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