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Welcome to the lab where we explore everything around sole producion.

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Materials & Compounds

An introduction to PEBAX

Discover PEBAX®, the revolutionary material taking sportswear to new heights. Known for its unmatched flexibility, strength, and energy return, PEBAX® is being hailed as "technological doping" in sports. Innovation Soles, in collaboration with our manufacturing partners, is thrilled to offer this game-changing material, promising enhanced agility, safety, and comfort in footwear.

Digital Mold Printing: The future of outsole produciton

Dive into the revolutionary world of digital mold printing in shoe manufacturing. This cutting-edge technique simplifies processes, offers unparalleled precision, and promotes sustainability with reduced power and water consumption. Through collaborations with advanced factories, discover how footwear is being redefined for the modern age.

Footwear construction methods

An in depth guide to the different construction methods for footwear.

Factors to consider when choosing a sole material

When it comes to the soles of your shoes, the material you choose can have a big impact on both function and comfort.

Common materials for Soles

In this post we cover the most commonly used materials for soles and their characteristics

An introduction to EVA

A deepdive into on of the most commonly used material for outsoles
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