We develop outsoles for ambitious brands.

Helping you navigate the complex world of manufacturing and provide the latest innovation to boost the performance of your shoes.

About us

The performance of a shoe comes from its outsole. And creating the outsole is the most expensive and complex part of shoemaking.

With over a decade of working within the footwear industry we have experienced all the pitfalls that comes with developing outsoles.

We founded innovation soles with the mission to create a transparent and controlled supply chian for outsoles. We work with brands to create extraordinary product and protect their biggest investment. Our mission is to make state of the art soles available to everyone. With a team of experienced engineers and designers, we are committed to helping brands achieve their vision.


Our team

Meet the dedicated footwear professionals shaping our global team.

Full name
Johan Hult

Johan boasts over ten years of expertise in the footwear industry, having crafted products for both his own brand and for esteemed clients.

Full name
Filip Ridderström
Head of Design

Filip is a seasoned designer who has collaborated with some of the world's leading brands, crafting everything from safety footwear to fashion sneakers.

Full name

Michael serves as our Chief Financial Officer, overseeing the company's financial strategies and operations.

Full name
COO Asia

Angela holds a pivotal role as the head of our Asian office operations, ensuring seamless coordination, management, and execution of tasks in the region.

Full name
Head of QC

Winnie leads our quality control department on-site at factories across Asia, ensuring every product meets our exacting standards.

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Name Surname

Position, Company name

A flexible partner in footwear production

We are a team of designers, product developers and entreprenurs who share the same passion for footwear and the next big thing. Collaboration and getting projects from the drawing board to the shelves.

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