2202 RUN

The 2202 RUN sole unit is the future of running footwear technology, designed to offer runners both a cushioned and responsive experience underfoot, even during the most demanding conditions. Note: Currently in the sample stage with size 43 available for evaluation.


With a rubber composition, the outsole promises enduring resilience. Its design aims to provide a steady grip and sufficient traction, ideal for various running surfaces from tracks to city streets.


Tailored to cater to different running styles and terrains, the midsole comes with dual options. The Compression Molded EVA delivers consistent and reliable cushioning, designed for those seeking comfort during long-distance runs. On the other hand, the Super Critical Foaming EVA offers a more reactive cushioning experience, apt for runners who desire quick responsiveness and adaptability in their stride.


Adopting a cemented construction technique, the 2202 RUN sole unit ensures the integration of its components is both seamless and robust, aligning with the dynamic requirements of running shoes.

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